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Self-care information

You have been given access to this page by your pharmacist who you recently saw for a pain management review at your GP practice. Based on your discussion with your pharmacist, they may have ticked areas on your PROMPPT pain review management plan that you both think are important. You can find links to these resources and any others that are of interest to you on this webpage below. You may also like to share this information with family and friends, to help them understand, so that they can support you. The areas that we think may be of interest to you and may help you to live well with your pain are listed below:

Understanding persistent pain

Understanding persistent pain and what to do about it

Understanding pain in less than 5 minutes and what to do about it (5 minute video)

Learn about self-care steps you can take to live well with pain

Ten Footsteps: Your journey to living well with pain

Exercise and being physically active when reducing opioids

Pacing: A really useful skill for people with pain

Pain and driving: Information for people taking prescribed pain medicines

Pain and sleep: How to sleep well with pain

Opioids & persistent pain – what’s the problem?

The problem with opioids and persistent pain

Which medicines are opioids and which are not

Brainman stops his opioids (2 minute video)

Opioid medicine reviews: some information

Reducing opioids – what to expect & what might help?

What to expect when you reduce opioids and what might help

Louise’s story. Find out about Louise’s experience of stopping opioids and how she found walking helpful (7 minute video)

Lisa’s story. Find out about why Lisa decided to make changes to her pain medicines and how keeping in mind what was important helped her do this (4 minute video)

Sean’s story. Find out how Sean found tai chi and mindfulness helpful when coming off opioid medicines (5 minute video)