GP collaboration

The training has covered the PROMPPT approach to delivering pain management reviews and some of the underlying theory that supports its implementation.  Consultations about pain management often involve clinical complexity and there may be times when the training we have provided may not be sufficient to encompass the presenting and emerging clinical scenario. Whilst your specific role is to deliver the PROMPPT intervention, you may find new challenges emerge as your clinical relationship develops and you may need to seek advice from one of the practice general practitioners (GPs).

GPs and practice staff will all have had some training in the aims and terminologies of PROMPPT. They will be motivated to support you to deliver the PROMPPT intervention and will be approachable in circumstances where you need to collaborate. 

As already highlighted, it is impossible to list all conditions and circumstances when collaboration should be sought, and this will also depend on the individual and your own experience and expertise.

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