Building communication channels with the GP in your practice

Each practice will provide support for you when needed. However, all GP practices work in different ways and will have unique models of care and so it is important to establish with the practice you are based in, how they would prefer you to collaborate with them. Some practices may want to establish a formal PROMPPT review rota, whilst others may want to take a more ad-hoc approach.

To facilitate optimal collaboration within your practice, we suggest you:

  • Find out who the lead PROMPPT GP and PROMPPT practice champion are (they may be the same person) and arrange to meet them
  • Establish how the practice would like to approach collaboration when clinical input is needed
  • Talk to the lead PROMPPT GP about the best way for you both to collaborate with each other
  • Meet with the practice manager to find out how front of house are getting involved with PROMPPT

Some practices may have regular shared learning and team meetings for generic skills and clinical training. These meetings are often valuable opportunities for the practice to learn and share experiences, develop skills and build and establish working relationships that will facilitate the aims and objectives of the PROMPPT review.