Group Learning Sessions

We will be coming together for two remote group learning sessions to reflect on the training so far and in-practice homework assignments.

Group sessions will be hosted via Microsoft Teams.

The links to join a group session are provided below. You will be asked how you want to join the Teams meeting. You can choose to join by:

  • Downloading Teams App to your device
  • Opening Teams in your web-browser
  • Opening the Teams App if already installed on your device
  • Feedback and discussion about experiences of listening to patients talk about pain and using the Pain Concern Form
  • Role play relating to active listening
  • Role play of exploring pain more widely using pain concerns form
  • Discuss homework assignment 2 – relating to motivational interviewing and discussions around self-care for chronic pain
  • Discussion of experiences of using motivational interviewing techniques and of discussing self-care with chronic pain patients.
  • Role play relating to Motivational Interviewing skills
  • Role play relating to self-care conversations
  • Further practical homework suggestions