WS3 Opioid tapering Copy

A step-by-step guide to opioid tapering is included in the Training Manual (Section 3.1 Medicines Management).

Please familiarise yourself with this. Rather than repeating everything from the manual here, the key steps are outlined, along with links to an opioid calculator.

Later in this section, some case studies will demonstrate how this works in practice.

We recommend using the ANZCA Opioid Calculator to calculate daily Morphine Equivalent Dose (MED).

You can download the Opioid Calculator App for mobile devices from App Store and Google Play and a desktop version is also available

Please note that opioid conversion factors are an approximate guide only because comprehensive data are lacking and there is significant inter-individual variation. You will find slightly different values from difference sources. The ANZCA app does not include dihydrocodeine and you can use the conversion factor for codeine instead.