Finding and using study documents in EMIS and SystmOne

Navigating EMIS to locate PROMPPT documents

The following step-by step guide will help you navigate EMIS to locate, open and save the PROMPPT documents within EMIS.

Step 1.

Access the patients consultations list, then add a consultation in the usual manner [A].

Step 2.

Step 2. When in the ‘New consultation’ screen press F12 to activate the Protocol Launcher sidebar. Then select from the list the PROMPPT protocol [A] [This needs to be setup prior to 1st use and instructions will be provided] or [B] the Select and Launch Button to find and activate the protocol.

Step 3.

After activating the protocol you are presented with the menu screen whereby you can select which of the PROMPPT documents you wish to access at this time

Step 4.

Select the First assessment CRF for completion.

Step 5.

When you have finished completing a document always use the Save and Close function found in the File menu in the top left.

Step 6.

Once you have saved a document you will always be taken back to the main menu.

Step 7.

Select the pain review plan & self-care information for completion

Step 8.

As you complete a document, a clinical code is added and recorded in the patient’s record.

Step 9.

When you look at a patients saved consultations you will be able to see which document was used and when.

Step 10.

On subsequent follow-up appointments you will repeat the process of activating the protocol but from the main menu selecting Follow-up CRF.

Step 11.

Select the Follow-up CRF for completion, remembering to Save and Close the document on exit.

Step 12.

Any of the PROMPPT documents you save in the patient’s record can be easily retrieved for editing or to print etc by accessing the Documents tab in the patient’s Care Record [A]. Patients will probably have a long list of documents on their record, to easily find the PROMPPT documents, use the search bar to find them quickly [B].

Finding PROMPPT documents in SystmOne