PROMPPT clinical champions

We are delighted to introduce Saneil and Nirlas, our two champions will support you as clinical mentors during the delivery of the PROMPPT intervention.

Saneil and Nirlas will be your first point of contact for PROMPPT. Their role as clinical champions is to support you to deliver the PROMPPT pain management reviews and they will act as a clinical mentor.

Saneil will support pharmacists working in GP practices in the West Midalnds and Nirlas will support those in the East Midlands.

Both champions will attend the remote group sessions where you will get to meet them and at this point, there will be an opportunity to discuss how to go about contacting them for the purposes of PROMPPT. 

They have completed the PROMPPT training programme and additional training in mentoring. Some of their role will include fidelity checking to ensure the intervention is being delivered according to the training and protocol. They will be supported by clinicians and researchers in the PROMPPT research team.

Saneil Samrai

PROMPPT clinical champion

West Midlands


After completing my Masters in Pharmacy Degree at University of Reading I have held various roles within the pharmacy sector including, community, secondary care, palliative care and more recently primary care pharmacy. I am currently the lead clinical pharmacist for a Primary Care Network within the West Midlands. Using the skills and experience I have developed over the years I will act as a PROMPPT clinical champion for the West Midlands to help mentor and supervise practice-based pharmacists. The education and mentorship will in turn give pharmacists the skills to help support patients with chronic pain and help manage long term opioid use. I am very excited to have been given the opportunity to be part of the PROMPPT team and work alongside highly decorated professionals to help improve patient outcomes within this important area.