E-Learning Course


We would like to introduce you to the PROMPPT e-learning course and its features. Please read this section before starting any of the modules.

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1. PROMPPT Foundation Module

The Foundation Module covers important background knowledge regarding persistent pain, opioids and the PROMPPT research programme.

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2. PROMPPT Consultation Skills

The Consultation Skills module covers the skills needed to conduct effective pain management consultations, promote behaviour change in relation to opioid use and agree a management plan.

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3. PROMPPT Pain Management Skills

The Pain Management Skills module covers topics relating to the delivery of the management plan including management of opioids and non-opioid pain medicines, supporting patient self-care for persistent pain, collaboration with GPs and others, patient information resources signposting and referrals.

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PROMPPT Resource Library

Links to all documents used in delivering the PROMPPT Pain Management Review and links to supplementary training resources are located in the Resource Library on the e-learning platform.

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Group Learning Sessions

Here you will find links to the remote group sessions to be hosted via MS Teams.

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